MSI Pro Z790-P Wi-Fi DDR5 Motherboard

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The MSI Pro Z790-P Wi-Fi DDR5 Motherboard supports 12th/13th Gen Intel Core processors, Pentium Gold and Celeron processors and LGA 1700 sockets, features up to 4 x DDR5 memory slots, PCI-E 5.0, 4.0, 3.0 compatible expansion slots, 4 x M.2 slots, 6 x SATA ports (6Gb/s), 8 x rear USB ports, 9 x front panel USB header ports, Intel 2.5G LAN, Intel Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, 8-channel 7.1 HD audio with Audio Boost and an ATX motherboard form factor.




High-Speed Transmission

2.5G Network Solution
Lightning USB 20G
Latest Wi-Fi 6E
DDR5 Support
Lightning Gen 5

Premium Thermal Solutions

Extended Heatsink
M.2 Shield Frozr
Pump Fan Support


Cooling Overview

Extended Heatsink

Extended Heatsink enlarges the surface of heat dissipation and maintain the performance at heavy loads.

M.2 Shield Frozr

Strengthened M.2 thermal solution helps keep M.2 SSD safe and ensures incredible performance.

Heavy Plated VRM Heatsink

The VRM heatsink covers the upper MOS and helps dissipate the heat.

7W/mK Thermal Pad & Additional Choke Pad

High-quality 7W/mK MOSFET thermal pads and additional choke thermal pads ensure stable performance when all cores are running at high speed.

Chipset Heatsink

The chipset heatsink is designed to reduce dust and noise and capable of maintaining high efficiency of heat dissipation.

Fully Fan Control

Control in One Click

MSI motherboards let you manage speeds and temperatures for all your system and CPU fans in BIOS and software with a simplified graphical interface. You can also set up to 4 temperature targets, which will adjust the fan speeds automatically.

Frozr AI Cooling

Detecting CPU & GPU temperatures and automatically adjusting fan duty of system fans to a proper value by adopting MSI AI ENGINE.

Auto Detect Your Fan

MSI fan headers automatically detect fans running in DC or PWM mode for optimal tuning of fan speeds and silence. Hysteresis also makes your fans spin up fluently to make sure your system stays silent, no matter what.


Smooth fan speeds
Smooth sound levels


Spiking fan speeds
Annoying sound levels

Water Cooling

Optimized for Water Cooling

Designed to support the most popular All-In-One & customized water cooling solutions on the market. A dedicated water pump PIN header supports up to 3 amp, giving you full control of the water pump speed. A clearly marked ‘keep-out-zone’ allows for easy and safe installation and a perfect fit.

Power Solution


14+1+1 Power Design

Unleash and sustain the maximum performance with a VRM design built with a total of 14+1+1 power design. Combining dual power connectors and exclusive Core Boost technology, MSI PRO Series motherboards are ready to sustain heavy daily work.

14 Phase – Core DRMOS / Power 55A
1 Phase – AUX Power
1 Phase – GT Power

Double Power Connectors

Two 8-pin connectors deliver adequate power even for an overclocked multi-core CPU.

Digital Power Design

A fully digital power design allows for faster and undistorted current delivery to the CPU at pin-point precision.

Core Boost

Premium layout not only support the multi-core CPU, also create the perfect conditions for your CPU overclocking.

Optimized PCB Solution

The PCB design has been optimized for higher bandwidth and faster transfer speeds, which is also beneficial for reliable circuit transmission.

6 PCB layers
2oz Thickened Copper

DIY Friendly

EZ M.2 Clip

Have trouble turning screws? MSI innovative EZ M.2 clip assist you install an M.2 SSD quickly and effortlessly.

Driver Utility Installer

Once connected to the internet, MSI Driver Utility Installer will detect and present suitable drivers and utilities automatically, you can download and install with just a few clicks.

*Please ensure to connect the internet, or the Driver Utility Installer won’t launch automatically.
*MSI Driver Utility Installer will be ready in Windows 11 build 22H2.

System Saver

Run into trouble when updating your BIOS or somehow corrupted it? Don’t worry, MSI motherboards offer multiple options to successfully boot your system again.
Flash the BIOS with only a connected power supply by following a few steps. CPU and memory not required.

More for DIY Friendly

Windows 11 Certified

With MSI you benefit from great compatibility and a worry-free user experience when using Microsoft Windows 11. With a true dedication to performance, our R&D team has made sure everything works as intended when using the latest version of Microsoft Windows on any MSI product.

Windows 11 Compatible
TPM 2.0

XL Clip

The enlarged PCI-E clip helps you swap or remove your devices easier. Keep the PCI-E slot stronger and safer.

EZ Debug LED

Onboard LEDs will indicate the source of the problem so you know exactly where to look to get up and running again.

Keep Out Zone

MSI motherboards circuitry ensure the case standoff keep out zones are pure and clean. Moreover, the protective paint is printed around each screw hole to prevent parts from being scratched or damaged to the motherboard.

* Please ensure to remove the unnecessary mounting stand-off when installing the motherboard into the case.

Double ESD Protection

Double ESD protection doubles up the grounding layer around the mounting holes, preventing static discharge surges from damaging the motherboard.

Atypical PCB

Not clever at cable arrangement? MSI Atypical PCB design not only the identity of stylish but also makes SATA and USB cable routing easier. Arranges cable neatly even you are not familiar with system build.



Lightning Gen 5 PCI-E with Steel Armour

Doubling over the previous generation, the bandwidth of a x16 interface can reach 128GB/s.

SMT PCIE 5.0 Slot

The advanced SMT(Surface Mount Technology) PCIE slot diminish interference and electrical noise, fully support the PCI-E 5.0 signal.

Reinforced, Heavy Soldered Connections

Secure to the motherboard with extra solder points and support the weight of heavy graphics cards.

Fast and Future-Ready Storage

MSI PRO series motherboards support all the latest storage standards, which allows users to connect any ultra-fast storage device. Start games faster, load levels faster and have a real advantage over your enemies.

4x Lightning Gen4 M2 – 64 Gbps
6x – 6 Gbps


Lightning USB 20G


Double Bandwidth with Lightning USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 20G

Using USB 3.2 devices has never been faster! MSI PRO series motherboards offer a wide variety of options to connect and boost your USB devices, offering never before seen USB speeds up to 20Gb/s when connecting the Rear USB Type-C.

Front USB Type-C

USB Front Type-C

MSI PRO motherboards support USB Front Type-C that allows gamers to connect with the latest USB devices. Built up a system with MSI PC case to have the most convenient experience.


Latest DDR5 Memory with SMT Slot

A huge step of DDR performance enhancement with the latest DDR5 memory. Combines with dedicated SMT welding process and MSI Memory Boost technology, MSI PRO Series motherboards are ready to deliver the world class memory performance.
The advanced SMT(Surface Mount Technology) welding process reduces the defect rate of slot solder joints, electromagnetism, and interference. Combining with exclusive Memory Boost technology allows MSI motherboards to deliver the clean and pure high-frequency DDR5 signal.


Easy Overclocking with XMP Profile

The XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) in MSI BIOS is tested and certified by MSI OC LAB, and it is easy for users to get the higher memory performance and great stability.

BIOS & Software


Exclusive UI of AIDA64 Extreme

MSI motherboards provide 60 days free trail of AIDA64 Extreme – MSI edition. AIDA64 Extreme is an almighty application for system information, diagnostics and benchmarks. With the application, you can monitor the detailed hardware and software information on PC and save it to file in multiple formats such as CSV and HTML.

Click BIOS 5

Get more from a loaded BIOS designed for ease of use. Fine-tune the motherboard for gaming performance, efficiency, or overclocking world records!

Advanced Mode


Choose from a preset XMP profile and automatically overclock compatible DDR memory.

VMD (Volume Management Device)

Enable direct control and management of NVMe SSDs from the PCIe bus without additional hardware adaptors.


Conveniently flash or upgrade the BIOS in a few minutes from the CMOS Setup Utility.

Hardware Monitor

Get immediate access to your critical hardware information in real-time including temperature, memory capacity, clock speed, and voltage.

Memory Try It

Get extreme speed out of your system memory and get more performance.

Search & Favourites

A permanent search & favourite option in the top right corner moves you through the BIOS menus quickly.

System Safety

All MSI PRO series motherboards have SECURITY function in BIOS to protect every private files for no matter business or daily use.

Secure Boot

Secure boot is a security standard to make sure that a device boots using only software that is trusted. When the PC starts, the firmware checks the signature of each piece of boot software, including UEFI firmware drivers, EFI applications, and the operating system. The PC boots while the signatures are valid.

Resizable Bar

Resizable BAR (Re-Size BAR) is an advanced PCI Express feature that enables the CPU to access the entire GPU frame buffer at once and improve performance.

Connectivity – Audio

Audio Boost

High Performance Audio Processor
High Quality Audio Capacitors
High Quality Audio Jacks
Isolated Audio Signal
De-Pop Protection

Mystic Light

Glow Your PC

Splash on some colour and vibrant RGB lighting effects using MSI Mystic Light with 16.8 million colours and fancy LED effects. MSI Mystic Light provides you complete control of RGB lighting of your PC in one software.


Extend Your RGB Experience with Ease

Add more colour if you want! Mystic Light Extension pin header provides an intuitive way to control additional RGB strips and other RGB peripherals added to a system, without needing a separate RGB controller.

A-Rainbow V2

Supports 5V Addressable RGB devices. Compatible with ARGB Gen2 / Gen1 devices.

*Gen2 device only supports 7 RGB themes


Supports 12V RGB devices.

Ambient Link

Synchronize lighting theme with compatible lighting devices.


2.5G LAN & Wi-Fi 6E

High-Bandwidth and Low-Latency Network

MSI's premium network solution provides incredible data transfer speed for demanding users.

Wi-Fi 6E
Bluetooth 5.2
2.5G LAN


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