Kids Bubble Pop Wired Headphones Pink

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These bubble pop stereo headphones are great for kids to use during daily learning activities or for young music fans.

They are lightweight, durable and feature a flexible construction which is great for portability as they can easily be thrown in a bag when travelling without getting damaged. The soft padding and comfortable fit are ideal for everyday use or when worn for extended periods for heads of all shapes and sizes.

The volume limited output makes them safe for young, sensitive ears so they can be used with kids of all ages.

The bubble pop design gives them a fun side-feature for fidgety hands and can provide enjoyable entertainment all on their own. Fun, safe, and comfy learning with Laser Kids.

Key Features

Volume Limited Design – With a maximum volume output of 85dB they are great for young children during early stages of development, or anyone with sensitive hearing. 
3.5mm Audio Plug – The 3.5mm audio connector plug is still the universal connection method that is compatible with the widest range of devices on the market. 
Stereo Sound – The increased sound fidelity offered by separate left and right channel audio on stereo headphones make them ideal for music listening, watching movies, and can even make learning time more fun and enjoyable. 
Adjustable Headband – Featuring a soft, lightweight design, the headphones are comfortable for use with a wide range of head types and can be worn for extended periods without fatigue. 

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327733Kids Bubble Pop Wired Headphones Pink
$12.95 inc. GST

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