Flashforge Black PLA Filament 600g 1.75mm

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PLA (Polylactic acid) is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly plastic that can produce a variety of finishes. It doesn't have the notable smell of hot plastic, compared to ABS during the printing process.

Widely considered one of the best, most consistent and most tested PLA filaments on the market, the newly improved formula engineered and manufactured by Flashforge is perfect for use with all brands of 3D printer. Made with high quality PLA material to ensure smooth feeding and extrusion, and low warping characteristics showing precise detail with good bonding characteristics yet allowing clean separation from support structures.

The overall spool dimensions mean a perfect fit for printers with an internal filament compartment such as Finder (TL4420), Adventurer 3 (TL4256), and the modular insert provides compatibility with the vast majority of printer brands.

Use with confidence!

Printer Settings
• Best Printing Temperature: 190-240°c (220°c recommended)
• Bed Temperature: 0-60°c (50°c recommended)
• Printing Speed: 30 – 90mm/s

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324256Flashforge Black PLA Filament 600g 1.75mm
$29.95 inc. GST

Availability: 1 in stock

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