Lan Nights Canceled

Lan Nights Canceled

All Scheduled Lan Nights at Precise PCs have been Canceled as of the last Lan Night, This change is due to End of Financial Year roster changes. Once the Rosters have been Set we will be able to begin Organizing and reschedule Lan Nights.

Expanding our Product Range

Hi, i’m Martin from Precise PCs.

I’m posting here today because i wanted to let you all know that we have taken on a new machine that will allow us to sell more products.

In the past we have done phone credit and game specific cards like World of Warcraft Game cards and Telstra Credit, however now we have expanded our horizons and are able to quickly obtain and sell a whole host of products.

Precise Gaming Network

Precise Gaming Network was established in 2014 with its main purpose being a Battlefield 4 clan site.

 Servers List:
  • Ark: Survival Evolved Servers (Password Protected – Sign Up on Forums For Password)
  • Teamspeak 3
  • More to come in the future

LAN Night – 19/03/2016

Lan Night – Kids 2:30 – 6:30 Pricing Entry $5 Computer Hire $15 (on top of Entry) Games Minecraft $12.29 USD Windows Android iPad Server Hosted with Windows Server Terreria $9.99 USD Steam Magica $9.99 USD Steam 0ad $Free AUD Website Star Craft 2 $Free AUD Website Games are not Provided so Please have Purchased