Precise PCs really started in the garage of Stewart’s parents’ home, in Pottsville, around 1995. He found that he took to computer work very easily after doing Certificate IV in IT that year, so he began taking in computer jobs from friends and family…his passion grew.

In 1997 Stewart started an Information Technology Degree, however the opportunity arose to start a computer sales and repair business with a business partner, so they decided to open a shop in Murwillumbah…the degree had to take a back seat at this stage…

Precise PCs opened on the 1st of December 1997 in very modest shared premises in Main Street…the business grew…The old Precise PCs

At the end of 1998 Stewart moved premises to a new shop still at 8 Wharf Street, with a new business partner.

In December 2000 Stewart moved the shop to 13 Commercial Rd. A full time technician/sales person was employed to assist him.

In 2007/2008 Stewart had 4 employees. Then the GFC began hurting Precise PCs, but we struggled through…

In 2012, we became a Gold Member of the Leading Edge Group. This opened us up to a wide retail range of laptops and gave us a buying power we haven’t had before. We also became Authorised Service Repairers for Toshiba. We were running out of room to display and store stock and for our technicians to efficiently work in, so we decided to expand into the shop next door, knocking doorways through a brick wall for access. This was a wonderful move – whilst many, many shops closed in Murwillumbah, we managed to stay afloat…but it was tough.

Mid 2013 until mid 2014, Stewart and Karen moved to Brisbane to start a mobile computer repair business (which was where Karen was living). Unfortunately with Stewart’s absence, the Murwillumbah shop made a very gradual but definite decline…to the point where Stewart had to return to Murwillumbah full time, to save the business. In a short period of time it had turned around and was heading in the right direction again, but only after a few much needed changes were made, including staffing. We had 3 full time and one part time staff.

By 2015 Precise PCs was again busting at the seams. Staff didn’t have enough room to work in efficiently, and there wasn’t enough room in the shop for repair work or stock. We wanted to help increase business by opening longer hours (including more than just 3 hours on Saturday mornings), however where we were, unless you’re a coffee shop, the town simply “dies” after the usual shop hours of 9am-5pm weekdays and 9am-midday on Saturdays.

Early 2015 we were approached by Sunnyside Shopping Centre – Murwillumbah’s only major shopping mall (with Coles, Country Target and much more). They offered us one of their shop spaces. We were VERY excited about the prospect, however we decided against it for numerous reasons, particularly the severe down-sizing we’d have to do, which was totally opposite to what we needed.

Then the opportunity arose for us to move into the big, former Blockbuster shop space directly opposite Sunnyside Shopping Centre. It was a massive space that would allow us to move and GROW into, plus we would be able to benefit from Sunnyside’s (and other shops around us) extended shopping hours, allowing us to stay open later on weekends (for our customers’ benefit as well as our own). We accepted the offer.

After a hectic (and somewhat disruptive) 3 month relocation period, we moved into our wonderful new position in town in July 2015, thanks to the help of staff, family and friends.



Over the last six months in our new location, business has grown amazingly well. Almost every day we gain new customers, and our reputation continues to strengthen and grow.

We have become so busy that we now have 3 full time technicians (Kyle, Chris & Martin), Stewart (who works full time as an in-store AND on-site technician, sales person, office manager, etc.), Karen (Store Manager, Human Resources), Jackson and Lachlan who are our full time Trainee's.

January 2016 Jackson joined our Precise PCs family after doing work experience with us for nearly 3 years…we’re hoping his presence will help us cope with the growing workload as business simply continues to increase. We have a casual Qualified Mac Technician on-hand when we need his assistance, and we’re soon to enlist the help of 2 more casual staff to help when things are super-busy. So we have grown from having 3.5 full time staff at our previous shop, to 6 full time and 3 casual staff (and we’re still flat-out)...all within just 6 months.

Due to our new location in town, we are able to stay open on Saturdays from 9am until. We are also open on Sundays from 10am until 1pm as our customers wanted an option rather than having to drive to Tweed Heads if we’re needed. We listened, we trialled opening on Sundays, and it is worth it – we’ve made many customers happy by them not having to drive elsewhere.

Having the extra room means we can stock items that our customers ask for, plus we are able to offer our customers more options, again giving them no reason to head to Tweed Heads instead. Not only do we stock computer-related items, but we also now stock a small range of mobile phones (and we sell pre-paid Telstra vouchers), plus landline (corded and cordless), GPS, dashcam, drones, laser pointers – all things our customers have been asking for from time to time, since we moved in.

We offer one-on-one tuition and various other services including our bigger and better Internet Café - we’ve even linked-up with a café across the road so our customers can order drinks and nibblies while they do their internet work if they wish. Plus we offer printing, faxing, scanning and copying services. We offer on-site and in-store repair work, and we have monthly LAN (computer gaming) nights, which is growing very quickly – especially giving the youth somewhere safe and fun to go.

We are always looking for new ways to serve our customers better.



We can see Precise PCs Murwillumbah only continuing to grow. Computers will be with us forever so we plan to offer more services to local businesses and schools.

We are happy to listen to our customers and hear their needs, so we can grow in order to serve them better.

We continue to strive to be better and better at what we do, and we know that we have the support of our community (and beyond).